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3 Unique Strains and their Effects

Cannabis is such an amazingly unique plant with a massive spectrum of strains with different effects when consumed. No one strain is the same, resulting in different flavours, smells, size of plant, flower appearance, THC content and effects. With radically different effects, it is important you find the right strain for you, as not all strains are for everyone. You would not suggest a very high thc content strain to a new user suffering from intense anxiety. Cannafeels is an app that makes finding the right strain for you easy and streamlined, here are just a few fantastically different strains to show how much the effects can vary:

Purple Kush

If you’re familiar with Cannabis, you no doubt have heard of the extremely popular indica dominant strain of purple kush. This popular favorite is great for inducing a bubbly, happy and relaxed feeling while also providing relief for pain and help with getting to sleep. It is most typically suggested to be consumed at the end of the day as it can help wind down and relax the user from a high stress and eventful day. 

Mowie Wowie

This sativa dominant strain has the opposite effect to “couch lock” or the previously mentioned Purple Kush, it is a strain associated with energizing the user with creative energy and upswing in mood. It is great for those looking for a more active and mentally stimulating strain rather a more body focused high. These kinds of effects are more commonly seen in sativas, although this is not a cut and dry rule as effects vary for sativas and indicas, not all strains of each plant variation are the same. This is important when choosing a strain as you can not expect the same effects from one sativa to the next. 

Bubba Kush

This powerfully strong indica dominant strain is incredible for pain relief. Bubba Kush has brought great results to patients dealing with chronic pain and insomnia. It is great for recovery and easing of nagging pain. Although this is not a strain that should be recommended to beginners, as it has a very high THC content which may startle new users. It is extremely important to find the right strain for you and not rushing to something because the content is high, as it could result in a negative experience. 

These are just a few examples of the variety of effects that the Cannabis plant can have. There are so many more to choose from, find the perfect strains that fit your cannabis needs with the help of our Cannafeels app!