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3 Unique Strains and their Effects

Cannabis is such an amazingly unique plant with a massive spectrum of strains with different effects when consumed. No one strain is the same, resulting in different flavours, smells, size of plant, flower appearance, THC content and effects. With radically different effects, it is important you find the right strain for you, as not all strains are for everyone. You would not suggest a very high thc content strain to a new user suffering from intense anxiety. Cannafeels is an app that makes finding the right strain for you easy and streamlined, here are just a few fantastically different strains to show how much the effects can vary:

Purple Kush

If you’re familiar with Cannabis, you no doubt have heard of the extremely popular indica dominant strain of purple kush. This popular favorite is great for inducing a bubbly, happy and relaxed feeling while also providing relief for pain and help with getting to sleep. It is most typically suggested to be consumed at the end of the day as it can help wind down and relax the user from a high stress and eventful day. 

Mowie Wowie

This sativa dominant strain has the opposite effect to “couch lock” or the previously mentioned Purple Kush, it is a strain associated with energizing the user with creative energy and upswing in mood. It is great for those looking for a more active and mentally stimulating strain rather a more body focused high. These kinds of effects are more commonly seen in sativas, although this is not a cut and dry rule as effects vary for sativas and indicas, not all strains of each plant variation are the same. This is important when choosing a strain as you can not expect the same effects from one sativa to the next. 

Bubba Kush

This powerfully strong indica dominant strain is incredible for pain relief. Bubba Kush has brought great results to patients dealing with chronic pain and insomnia. It is great for recovery and easing of nagging pain. Although this is not a strain that should be recommended to beginners, as it has a very high THC content which may startle new users. It is extremely important to find the right strain for you and not rushing to something because the content is high, as it could result in a negative experience. 

These are just a few examples of the variety of effects that the Cannabis plant can have. There are so many more to choose from, find the perfect strains that fit your cannabis needs with the help of our Cannafeels app!

3 Benefits of CBD You May Not Know

Anxiety Relief

In such uncertain times those dealing with anxiety issues are even more prone to high levels of anxiety and anxiety attacks. CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety levels and have an overall calming feel to it for most users. The effects of CBD do not come with the high associated with the sister compound of THC, which in some cases has been seen to increase anxiety for some patients. With legalization of Cannabis, there are a plethora of new cannabis strains and products that are CBD dominant if not only containing CBD, which are great options for some users that are trying to calm their anxiety. 

Chronic Pain Relief  

Those suffering from constant plaguing pain have had some great results using CBD products such as pills and topical creams. These products can help alleviate these kinds of long term pains, so the user can get back to enjoying their life without focusing on the consistent nag of pain. Topical applications are a favorite for those struggling with joint pain, most commonly applied to knees and the back, many patients and studies report beneficial desired results. 

Side Effects Of Cancer

Cannabis has been used with cancer patients prior to legalization. The cannabis plant has been prescribed by doctors as medical cannabis for cancer patients to help reduce some of the harsh side effects of the disease and the intense treatments of the disease. Chemotherapy is an incredibly powerful treatment that has adverse reactions to the body, many if not all patients lose their appetite and struggle eating and holding down food due to intense nausea resulting from the Chemo. CBD can help reduce this nausea and even calm the nervous system allowing for some relief for these patients. 

Cannafeels not only helps you find great THC dominant strains that are right for you, but also helps you find the perfect CBD strains that fit your needs. Download are helpful Cannafeels app to start finding the perfect strains for your needs and desired effects!

3 Benefits From Cannabis You May Not Know!

By Cannafeels Team

With the event of Cannabis legalization in Canada and the slow roll out of other countries to follow suit, it has allowed for more studies and research to be conducted. This access to implement these new studies gives us more amazing information on this truly unique plant. Here are just a few examples of that cannabis has been shown to help patients with:

Chronic Gut Pain Relief:

Recent studies undergone on Cannabis have shown to help patients living with chronic gut problems and pain such as Chrons and IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disorder). Although it seems that the main benefit that some of these patients are receiving from cannabis use is not actually the relief of pain. Rather the main benefit now seen in studies is the anti-inflammatory effect it has. This helpful effect that cannabis brings to the table for those tortured by pain in the gut is tremendous, as one of the root causes for this chronic pain in these regions is a sensitivity due to inflammation.

Sleep and Recovery:

Athletes have been some of the first to report benefits of cannabis. Although cannabis is not considered a performance enhancing drug by sports commissions it has shown benefits that draw athletes to experiment usage of the wide array of cannabis products and strains. Long distance running and extreme cardio athletes speak well of the plant’s effects on reducing pain, which is a constant when pushing your body to the limits of the body performance and allowing for quicker periods of recovery between workouts. Faster recovery resulting from cannabis use can be partially attributed to the plant’s effects of helping some patients get to sleep better. Long and high intensity workouts are especially taxing on the body, good rest and recuperation is essential to continuing on with hard workout schedules and constant pressure on the body. 

Helps with Addiction:

Although still in very early stages of study, Cannabis has shown some promise in helping those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Although this is not an entirely risk free avenue for addicts to take, it has brought some interesting and good results. When tested on ats with opium addiction, Cannabis was shown to help the specimens recover without the severe withdrawals seen in opiate addicts. Some experimental treatment for alcoholics is underway as well, helping protect neural cells from dying during the initial process of stopping drinking which can be extremely dangerous and can result in death if not done properly. Cannabis as a treatment for addiction is still being researched and new information on the plant comes out every day. 

These are just a couple amazing qualities of this diverse and useful plant. It is incredible what we have learned post legalization, with more studies coming out we can’t wait to share more important and ground-breaking news in developments of understanding of the Cannabis plant. Download the Cannafeels app to find the strains that are the right fit for you!