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3 Benefits of CBD You May Not Know

Anxiety Relief

In such uncertain times those dealing with anxiety issues are even more prone to high levels of anxiety and anxiety attacks. CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety levels and have an overall calming feel to it for most users. The effects of CBD do not come with the high associated with the sister compound of THC, which in some cases has been seen to increase anxiety for some patients. With legalization of Cannabis, there are a plethora of new cannabis strains and products that are CBD dominant if not only containing CBD, which are great options for some users that are trying to calm their anxiety. 

Chronic Pain Relief  

Those suffering from constant plaguing pain have had some great results using CBD products such as pills and topical creams. These products can help alleviate these kinds of long term pains, so the user can get back to enjoying their life without focusing on the consistent nag of pain. Topical applications are a favorite for those struggling with joint pain, most commonly applied to knees and the back, many patients and studies report beneficial desired results. 

Side Effects Of Cancer

Cannabis has been used with cancer patients prior to legalization. The cannabis plant has been prescribed by doctors as medical cannabis for cancer patients to help reduce some of the harsh side effects of the disease and the intense treatments of the disease. Chemotherapy is an incredibly powerful treatment that has adverse reactions to the body, many if not all patients lose their appetite and struggle eating and holding down food due to intense nausea resulting from the Chemo. CBD can help reduce this nausea and even calm the nervous system allowing for some relief for these patients. 

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